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Foggy Forest

who we are

The Healing Grove is a Hamilton, Ontario based business, which has a fierce dedication to holistic wellness, providing it's services all across Southern Ontario. Our practitioners are certified in nutrition, reiki, Thai massage, various forms of yoga, birthing hypnosis, meditation and HypnoBirthing® education. 

Prized above all else, The Healing Grove values authenticity, kindness & integrity. Every individual seeks wellness for different reasons. It is our mission to ensure that we offer the most efficient, quality services, with our clients best interests in mind.

Our founder, Erin Fitzgerald, is the brains and inspiration behind The Healing Grove. She is a registered psychotherapist, holistic healer & teacher, and has been in the wellness industry for nearly 20 years. Leading workshops & encouraging people towards a more natural, positive and healthy lifestyle is where she thrives.

Erin is a professional speaker, and has given workshops and trainings all across southern Ontario, with clients across the globe. Erin is also currently working on her first book, which will be released in the winter of 2020.

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